Chloé’s “Edition Anniversaire”

Ever since it’s beginning in 1952, Chloé‘s key words have been more attitude and realism than any fashion trend.
The fashion house is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary with a special collection called “Edition Anniversaire“, that features 16 iconic pieces created during the years by many of the designers who have worked for the brand.
Among the creators, we can find Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Hannah McGibbon, the current designer, Waight Keller and, of course, Gaby Aghion, the founder.

Celine’s current designer, Phoebe Philo, is the one with the biggest number of icons, gathering 8 garments that have marked the brand forever.

2 3

1. The blouse with buttoned collar and satin cuffs, 1960;

2. The shirt dress (on the same picture), 1960;

3. The Pineapple t-shirt – designed by Stella McCartney, in 2001;

4 5

4. The high-waist jeans, 2004;

5. The Paddington bag, 2005 (same picture);

6. The camera bag, by Phoebe Philo, in 2003;

6 7

7. The A-line blouse with English embroidery, by Phoebe Philo, in 2006;

8. Wedges with raw materials, applied to luxury items, 2006 (same picture);

9. The Galaxy dress, designed by Lagerfeld in 1978;

8 9

10. The cape, by Hannah MacGibbon, in 2009, paired with 11. shorts marked the beginning of a very masculine era;

12. The python boots, 2004;

13. Silverado, the python bag, with oversized flaps and ethnic inspiration, also 2004 (second picture);

14. The paisley scarf, usually tied to the bag 2004;

10 11

15. The violin dress, by Karl Lagerfeld, 1983;

16. The evening clutch, 1979

To celebrate the anniversary, the brand has created this website.


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