Fashion has an important and increasing role in our lives.

You will find everything you want to know about fashion, right here:

The best editorials from every fashion magazines, collections by top designers (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter), advertising campaigns from your favorite labels, the best gowns in several award ceremonies, models, fashion editors, fashion photoshoots, lookbooks, trends, must-haves, fashion events…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Kim F. says:

    I’m a visitor and blogger who wanted to send my compliments to your site – I really enjoy browsing through all your pictures and outfit suggestions.

    I contribute to a fashion and beauty blog, Be in Style (http://pocketchange.become.com/category/fashion-and-beauty), which covers anything from outfit coordination to product reviews. We are always looking for blogs with exceptional content. I feel that your site is outstanding and I wanted to present our Be in Style Award to your blog.

    Currently, our blog averages about 3.3k unique visitors per day to the Pocketchange homepage.

    If you feel this would be something you might be interested in please let me know and I will happily answer any questions or queries you might have.

    Kim F.

    • sequingown says:

      Thank you very much for the nice comment Kim. I’ve already checked your blog, which is very well writen and useful (nice tips).
      Let me know more about your be in style!:)

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