Chloé’s “Edition Anniversaire”

Ever since it’s beginning in 1952, Chloé‘s key words have been more attitude and realism than any fashion trend.
The fashion house is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary with a special collection called “Edition Anniversaire“, that features 16 iconic pieces created during the years by many of the designers who have worked for the brand.
Among the creators, we can find Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Hannah McGibbon, the current designer, Waight Keller and, of course, Gaby Aghion, the founder.

Celine’s current designer, Phoebe Philo, is the one with the biggest number of icons, gathering 8 garments that have marked the brand forever.

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1. The blouse with buttoned collar and satin cuffs, 1960;

2. The shirt dress (on the same picture), 1960;

3. The Pineapple t-shirt – designed by Stella McCartney, in 2001;

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4. The high-waist jeans, 2004;

5. The Paddington bag, 2005 (same picture);

6. The camera bag, by Phoebe Philo, in 2003;

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7. The A-line blouse with English embroidery, by Phoebe Philo, in 2006;

8. Wedges with raw materials, applied to luxury items, 2006 (same picture);

9. The Galaxy dress, designed by Lagerfeld in 1978;

8 9

10. The cape, by Hannah MacGibbon, in 2009, paired with 11. shorts marked the beginning of a very masculine era;

12. The python boots, 2004;

13. Silverado, the python bag, with oversized flaps and ethnic inspiration, also 2004 (second picture);

14. The paisley scarf, usually tied to the bag 2004;

10 11

15. The violin dress, by Karl Lagerfeld, 1983;

16. The evening clutch, 1979

To celebrate the anniversary, the brand has created this website.


Wild at heart!

Wild at heart
I’m a little obsessed with burgundy these past days (can you tell?), so my outfits have been mainly constructed to go with this color.
This was my outfit from last night and I think I’m sticking to the color until I’m ready to go for white on white, the trendy color combo for the next season!

3 years! Happy birthday Sequin Gown!



I have just noticed that today is the 3 year old anniversary of my blog! 3 years and 633 posts later, this is still my biggest and best personal achievement. Thank you for reading! Promise I’ll make a good celebration post this weekend!

Dior Spring/Summer 2013 – the IT-dress


(Dior Spring/Summer 2013)

Raise your hand if, like me, you believe this will be one of the “IT-dresses” for the next season!

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Carolina Herrera: happy 74th birthday!

Carolina Herrera,  a Venezuelan designer, started working in the 80’s and her name has become synonymous with elegance and style. Through the years, the designer has presented nothing less than chic and classy looks that can be combined with everyday items, perfect for every hour of the day. Whether their basics and minimal or long gowns, her signature is clear and her tailoring is perfect.

Her “empire” has been built through her work with ready to wear and her fragrance line and she also had a bridal line. People who care less about fashion, are still enchanted with her scents.

Michelle Obama, Renee Zellweger and other well-known celebrities are among her most loyal customers and will definitely remember her on her 74th birthday. Happy birthday, Carolina!

ch ss13 ch ss13 2

Pictures from her Spring/Summer 2013 collection

chss11 chss11 2

Two styles from one of my favorite collections: Spring/Summer 2011

resort 2008 2 resort 2008

The lovely resort collection, 2008. Lots of hats and ladylike silhouettes.

ss05 2


Two maxi dresses from the Spring/Summer 2005 collection

Pictures source:

Hair Styles: French twist, wet look


This French twist with a wet look has just made my day! This is perfect for a night out with an outfit with a rock and roll vibe, like the set below.

Rock and roll

River Island – Sale Must Haves

As first post of the year, I have decided to gather a few sale items from one of my favorite UK stores: River Island.

These are some of the items I would purchase and these are the reasons why.


Silver Mirrored Mini Bag – this mirrored bag is still very trendy and metallic tones will be a must-have for the next season.


Military Boyfriend Coat – military is here to stay and you can still wear coats on the months to come! Winter is not going anywhere for the next 3 months.


Sequin Midi Prom Dress – Another metallic dress. I’m in love with this shape and the bow gives a classy touch to the dress.


Mix Print Organza Mini Peplum Skirt – a peplum skirt is perfect to be pair with a shirt or a tank top.


Black Cap Embelished Mini Dress – you never have too many black dresses.

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Vogue’s best street style photographs of 2012

Vogue selected 34 of the best street style pictures captured during this year and I have selected my top ten amongst those photographs. Do you have a favorite?


Hedvig Opshaug

Opening Ceremony dress, Balenciaga shoes, Olympia Le-Tan clutch

 Opening Ceremony dress, Balenciaga shoes, Olympia Le-Tan clutch

Dries Van Noten pants (left), Céline pants and Alexander Wang heels (right)

Dries Van Noten pants (left), Céline pants and Alexander Wang heels (right)


Hanne Gaby Odiele


Caroline Sieber

céline bag

Céline bag (So challenging wearing total pink!)


Taylor Tomasi Hill


Lily Kwong


Zanita Whittington


Natuka Karkashadze


Let them know it’s Christmas


One of my New Year’s resolutions is definitely having more time to blog in 2013! I know I have been away for a while and I haven’t posted anything really interesting in the past few days. The blog is important to me and I feel like I’m abandoning a child when I spend weeks without publishing something. Promise this will not happen in 2013.

For now, just thought I should share this set with you with. If I could choose a very expensive outfit for Christmas, it would definitely be one of these three. I’m in love with the black and green MSGM dress and purple lipsticks and I still in love with gold tone sequins. Definitely my must-have item this year!

What will you be wearing this Christmas?

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26 on the 26th

Today is my 26th birthday and I though I should share 26 things I like. Here’s my list (not necessarily in this order):

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Fashion

4. Music

5. Laughing out loud

6. My nephews

7. Singing out loud

8. Sea

9. Movies

10. Rain

11. Candy cotton

12. Dresses

13. Handbags

14. Hair accessories

15. Flowers

16. Surf

17. Summer festivals

18. Alicia Keys

19. Big rings

20. Tattoos

21. Sunny days

22. The Eiffel Tower

23. Coffee

24. Cats

25. High heels

26. Maxi skirts

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