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Sequin Gown – The END

Sequin Gown has come to an end.

When I first created the blog, it was my most serious project for a whole year. Throughout these 3 years, this was the place where I shared my yet little knowledge and my many opinions about fashion.

This blog opened the door I needed for the fashion company I still proudly work for, and the window for a world that will always fascinate me. A world that allowed me to know many people I pretend to keep in the my life, in the future.

Unfortunately, time flies and I like to do the things I do well. It is and it has always been unthinkable for me to post because of numbers or obligation: because I haven’t been posting for several days and I can’t make my readers wait. Because you need to write or else, people will forget about you. If I don’t have relevant things to write, if I don’t have time to do things right, then I simply don’t do. I’ve always been like this and this is how I intend to continue.

Adulthood, having a job who keeps you busy for more than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, having an active social life, leaving fashion, instead of simply writing about it… everything ends up becoming an obstacle to the blog.

This was not an easy decision. Lots of times, I’ve sat to start typing this post, but I ended up writing about other things, promising myself I would be able to keep the level I wanted to establish for the blog. 646 posts after, I feel like, one way or another, I stick to what I wanted from the beginning: spread the word and share my thoughts.

This blog will always be an important part of my history in fashion. I will keep following the pad I drew when I wrote its first line and I hope to give it a new direction very soon.

To those of you who have been following me for more than 3 years, my most sincere THANK YOU. It was a pleasure to write for you.

I’ll see you soon!



O Sequin Gown chega hoje ao fim.

Quando criei este blog, ele foi o meu projecto mais sério durante um ano inteiro. Durante os seus três anos de existência, este foi o cantinho onde partilhei os meus ainda poucos conhecimentos e as minhas muitas opiniões sobre moda.

Este blog foi a porta que precisava para a empresa de moda de que ainda hoje me orgulho de fazer parte, e a janela para um mundo que continua a fascinar-me. Um mundo onde conheci um conjunto de pessoas que pretendo manter na minha vida, no futuro.

Infelizmente, o tempo é escasso, e eu gosto de fazer o que faço bem. É, e sempre foi, inconcebível, para mim, publicar por números ou obrigação: porque já não publico há X dias e não posso fazer os leitores esperar. Porque quem não aparece, esquece. Se não tenho material relevante, se não tenho tempo para fazer as coisas como deve ser, não escrevo. Sempre fui assim e pretendo manter-me neste registo.

O mundo dos adultos, ter um emprego que nos leva mais de 8 horas por dia, 5 dias por semana, manter uma vida socialmente activa, viver a moda em vez de nos limitarmos a escrever sobre ela…tudo acaba por tornar-se um impedimento quando chegamos à hora de escrever.

Não tomei esta decisão de ânimo leve. Muitas vezes me sentei para começar este texto e acabei por escrever sobre outra coisa qualquer, prometendo a mim mesma que ia conseguir manter o nível que sempre quis dar ao blog. 646 posts depois, sinto que, de uma maneira ou de outra, cumpri aquilo a que me propus: espalhar a palavra e partilhar o que penso.

Este blog vai sempre fazer parte de quem sou e da minha história na moda. Vou continuar a seguir o caminho que comecei a traçar quando escrevi a sua primeira linha e espero acrescentar-lhe uma nova direção muito em breve.

A quem me acompanhou durante estes mais de 3 anos, o meu mais sincero OBRIGADA. Foi um prazer escrever para vocês.

Até sempre!



Welcome Spring!

Welcome Spring

Well, the title of this post basically says it all. Spring is probably my favorite season and even though it is still raining and cold, I can’t wait to start wearing my dresses.


We’ll always have Paris – Printemps

I had some much fun in Paris, last week, there are not enough words to describe! These are some pictures I took from the shop window at Printemps on my first day. This store is amazing and if this is the storefront, you have no idea about the inside of the building. So many sellers, departments, customers, it’s amazing.

I basically almost forgot about the fashion week, there were so many things to visit, so many places I wanted to see in this city that I wasn’t even close to one of the shows.

The weather was good, it didn’t rain even though it was cold (and I mean really cold!). There will be more pictures in the posts to come.

Have a great weekend!












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O Estilista Bracarense – 2 year anniversary

fashionmusiclove1bigPicture by João Mota (all rights reserved)

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the blog ” O Estilista Bracarense” and we had a lovely photoshoot during yesterday’s afternoon. This is one of the pictures we took, but there are more to come.

Check out his blog right here and, if you forgot about the interview I did with the blogger, João Mota, you can find it here.

*I’ll be flying to Paris for the Fashion Week and meet some friends. Expect many pictures next week. x



Meanwhile…Paris Fashion Week


Wonderful news: Sequin Gown is going to Paris Fashion Week. I’m really excited for this and looking forward to land in Paris at the end of the month. I still don’t know which or how many shows I’ll be attending, but just the thought of walking around in the streets of Paris with all that fashionable vibe and people is overwhelming. Can’t wait to get there!

In the meantime, it would be great if you could share your thoughts on what you would like to find out more about. Let me know by commenting or send your ideas to I’ll see what I can do later.


I am glad and proud to introduce my new project: Ex-Catalogue. A few months ago, one of my colleagues has contacted me to help him finding an idea that would allow him to sell some beautiful pieces from previous collections he had in stock that were not sold in a physical store. Since I don’t like to have less to do, I said yes immediately and this is the new blog we have created.

He’s been photographing the clothes, I’ve been doing the descriptions and helping him with the blog and the Facebook page. I suggest you all to take a look as I’m sure you will probably find something you like – I did, at least! 😉

This is the BLOG and this is the FACEBOOK page, please like and share!

Estou feliz e orgulhosa em anunciar o meu novo projeto: Ex- Catalogue. Há uns meses atrás, um colega contatou-me para o ajudar com uma ideia que lhe permitisse vender algumas peças fantásticas de coleções anteriores que tinha em stock e não foram vendidas na loja. Uma vez que nao gosto de estar desocupada, disse que sim imediatamente e este é o blog novo que criámos.

Ele tem fotografado as peças e eu faço as descrições e ajudo-o com o blog e a página de Facebook. Aconselho-os a darem uma vista de olhos e tenho a certeza que vão encontrar algo de que gostem – eu encontrei, pelo menos! 😉

Este é o BLOG e esta é a página de FACEBOOK, por favor gostem e partilhem!


Apologies and updates

I know I’ve been away for a while, but I promise I will make it up. For now, since the time is still running, here are some personal pictures taken these past few weeks.

I will be back soon with a very exquisite new! 😉

On a very classy party, a few days ago.

Geek chick, last Saturday night.

Party, party, party!

In the middle of a surf (or an attempt to) morning

In Love with Pink

Last Saturday I went to this almost-fairy-tale wedding and wore this lovely pink dress from In Love With Fashion. The necklace was handmade created especially for me by the lovely Mia, from Pipeta Mia.

The first picture was taken by me and instagramed, the second one was taken by a very nice photographer, Liliana da Cruz.

Completely in love with the second pictur and this pleated pink dress!

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Xperimental Shoes – the brand

For those of you who don’t know, Portuguese shoes are known worldwide for their quality and great design.

We have two sisters (twin sisters!) who have just landed at the footwear world and seem to be here to stay.

Xperimental Shoes is all about passion for fashion and communication of two young designers who believe they can express their ideas suiting experience and know-how of each one.”

They have this amazing collection that can be personalized (!) – you can choose your favorite colors to apply to their designs who are very inspired by the Oriental world. Some of their styles have this Samurai-esque and are yet avant-gard and perfect for your every day life.

I already chose my pair, they call it Sakura and it was love at first sight. The best part: they’re as comfortable as they seem and they look great on my feet.

(Gorgeous in red, even though I’ve purchased the black color – it goes with every thing on my wardrobe!)

Lots of bloggers are as in love with the brand as I am. Go find your favorite pair! HERE!


Boneca – AW’12 showroom

In Portuguese, Boneca means doll and in this case, it means a boutique with very good taste and sense of style.

This where I spent part of my Saturday afternoon, looking at the beautiful AW’12 collection they presented.

Em português, doll diz-se Boneca e, neste caso, significa uma boutique com muito bom gosto e senso de estilo.

Foi aqui que passei parte da minha tarde de Sábado, a ver a bonita coleção de Outono/Inverno que apresentaram.

These were definitely my favorite pieces, especially the sequined pumps and the patterned handbag.

Estas foram, sem dúvida as minhas peças favoritas, especialmente os pumps com brilhantes e o saco com padrão.

The store has lots of accessories, mostly necklaces or pendants, especially from the well-known brand Manoush.

A loja tem muitos acessórios, principalmente colares e pendentes, especialmente da muito conhecida marca Manoush.

The accessories bench, that features shoes, clutches, bags and beanies.

A bancada de acessórios, com sapatos, clutches, carteiras e gorros.

The showroom was nice and well attended, of course there was music!

O showroom foi agradável e bem frequentado, claro que também houve música!

One of the views from the clothes and a close up from the sequined pumps.

Uma das vistas das peças e um close up dos sapatos.

I finally managed to take some time for an outfit pic. I’m terrible with posing, so I keep goofing around. :p

Consegui finalmente tempo para uma fotografia do outfit. Sou terrível a posar, por isso faço figuras de pateta! :p

One of the oldest and best friends I have: Maria, wearing a lovely Zara dress (too bad I didn’t took a full outfit picture).

Uma das melhores e mais antigas amigas que tenho: a Maria, que veste um vestido lindo da Zara (pena que não consegui tirar uma foto ao conjunto inteiro).

I was wearing a Pepa Loves dress and Zara brogues.

Vestia um vestido da Pepa Loves e uns sapatos da Zara.

For more information about Boneca, click the link.
Para mais informações sobre a Boneca, cliquem no link.